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I need your help and the help of the community! This is very personal and I wouldn’t be sharing if it wasn’t such a desperate situation. I have recently been embroiled in a legal battle to keep my children. My ex-wife is working to have them taken from me with false allegations. I need your help to save my family. I love my two kids with all my heart, but I need money to fight and win, please any advice you have on the subject or knowledge of ways to raise money let me know. Please give anything you have, and help me save my children!

Save my family


A thought about Autism/ Aspergers

A Glance at Autism and Me

     I am starting to write a blog between working, school, and two kids. I feel like it will be nice to look back and hopefully notice the change and growth. First things first I am very consistent one many things, but journal writing sadly isn’t one of them. I hope this can be a place for my kids to go later and learn of me and see my life. I hope that others who feel as I do and are going through similar things will find a shelter and know they aren’t alone.

The first thing I want you to know about me is I am on the autism spectrum ( that’s what they are calling it these days, yesterday it was aspergers, tomorrow it will be  can’t-integrate-with-society-easily-ism; or something like that. I didn’t realize how big of role this played in my life and learning until now, as an adult. Largely due to the fact that we just recently are learning about this now, back in the day it was ADHD. I may have that also, who knows.

I write this not because I have ever cried the victim or used this as a crutch, quite the opposite. I don’t like talking about what’s wrong, what’s happened to me, etc… I have learned now however it does benefit me and others to be able to share that, so others can know they aren’t alone, and also so I can have an outlet. With regards to my autism-ness ( is that a word? ), I have always just thought I was awkward, and didn’t get a lot of stuff people did. I don’t like looking people in the eye, feels aggressive. I tend to ramble, repeat things, and jump from subject to subject, with connections between these thoughts I promise, but for some my brain and theirs doesn’t think the same, it’s random. A sort of 6 degrees of kevin bacon if you will, but with my thoughts.

Over my life I have focused very hard on reigning in many parts of what I thought was me, but really is just part of autistic tendencies. I am by no means autistic like my some of my other extended family, but as they have chosen to state now, it certainly is a spectrum. I hope as time goes I can share some things and thoughts about myself that will help you understand me, your friend, neighbor, or even yourself when it comes to this mindset I like to call it.

Now before you get worried, I plan on writing about all kinds of stuff, Dad stuff, gamer stuff, life stuff, but I felt it was important to start off with this little note. I hope it was helpful and insightful, any questions or edifying comments, leave them for me :).


Day 1, the obligatory intro

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Welcome to my blog: ” On the Edgel”. My name is Jason Edgel. My gamer tag is Iceman10284 for now. I am a gamer. A stay at home dad. A full time student. Part Time blogger, and all around great guy ;). I am simply here following my passion, being a dad and gaming. I love all forms of gaming. Console, PC, tabletop, card, etc… I plan on documenting here how to videos, gaming sessions, as well as linking to my YouTube/ Twitch channel live gaming. Short stories may contain exploits of my children, and overall parenting humorous interactions.


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